Frequently Asked Questions

What is in a  box?

The deluxe  luxury box which includes some of the newest looks seen on your favorite celebrities. Long term deluxe  subscribers receive extra goodies that include shoes and accessories based on their style tastes. Different looks Each Order. 

Shipping is realistic and you receive your one time purchases within  5-7 business days no longer than 9 if its a custom piece. You receive The Glam Hunter Box one time a month on the cycle days which vary based on your payments.

Why does my deluxe box have a few items in the first box?

Dont worry! You will get all your goodies! The deluxe membership includes shoes , more bulky items and to keep savings and avoid damage to items within  we may ship out 2 to 3 boxes to you. 

Why is the shop more expensive?

You pay full retail for one item. Our box is the answer for affordable shopping and we hope it gets you to try new brands and looks. To save just order a box and tell us your style needs. 

Box Policies

The deluxe box is  $139.99  for a luxury deluxe box. The low price is  for  keeping all of the items in the box. You save thousands per year. There are no returns, or trades. The point is to enjoy new styles from our partners, save money and surprise yourself with tailored looks on a budget. 95% of our customers are satisfied. Our ideal client is open, creative, stylish because that is what we put into the boxes. If you are nervous about fashion select gift at checkout to just try it out with no commitment. 

We do not send you used, rejected  or undesirable items. Our stylist takes time to personalize each box and open your eyes to new looks that are popular and in season.

What are some Brands?

We partner with over 10 major retail stores, Our manufacturer, and up and coming designers. The longer you remain a member the more diverse your brands become. You may find a Top Shop blouse,  a vintage run of a wallet, to a new designer look  seen on your favorite blog or Instagram feed. 

When Do I receive the shoes and accessories?

Shoes are of course a specialty item and are large and expensive to ship. You usually will find it  is in your 3rd or 4th box along with accessories. Do not be alarmed Your shoe box may include 2-3 items. and will cycle in every 4 to 5 boxes. 


What happens during the  Local Makeover Service?

You use our booking tool online to select a  service. The Glam Hunter Team meets you at your location and provides world renowned luxurious style concierge services that make your life easier. We do closet/wardrobe rejuvenation's, full styling makeovers that include fashion, along with  hair  and makeup services performed by licensed stylist.  

What are the size ranges?

We personally style all size ranges in person.

Our items are true to size mistakes happen and if you gain or lose  weight or if you cannot fit a box for some reason we will replace the whole box for a larger or smaller size. You must return the whole box.

In the boxes we offer 

Fast  Select Sizes:

Sm 0-2 Med 4-6 Lrg 8-10 Xl 12-14 XXL 16-18

Please select consult if you don't see your size range we go up to size 24  with consult.  


How does it work?

  We have a consult option for a more personalized box, but we have perfected taking the work out for you to bring you customized looks in an unheard of package with no extra prices. 

How are the boxes priced?

You are able to receive the bulk of savings from retail contributions, our own manufacturer, and small businesses. You are getting over 70% off items .

For wholesale, employment  or retail inquiries please email

Are you ready to join The Glam Hunter's exclusive members?

Our mission with The Glam Hunter was to create a place that anyone can shop and get up to date in style fashions fast and easy. We are the brain child of a busy mom of 5 who is a fashionista but wanted great fashions at the lowest prices. We have grown to supply retail outlets, work at home moms and online boutiques with our affordable options in a box. 

Boxes can sell out so give us a try. You will love us.