Frequently asked questions

What Is Your Return/Refund Policy?

No returns on cosmetic items due to the nature of the products. We inspect each package before shipment however accidents do happen and we take responsibilty. Any damaged or broken items may be exchanged within 3 days in two simple steps. We do not refund if you did not get your item out of the mailbox and it was damaged due to melting. Items are artisitic expression and we do not refund due to you deciding an item is ugly to you. Items are unique and will not be exact patterns as your last item. Damaged Items In Transit File Claim with USPS, but still 1. Snap a picture of the damaged item 2. Email us the picture to your exchange will be processed.

What Is In Your Products?

If you have tried regular soap and want a better alternative we are for you. If you can not use soap at all in any form ,try the washes they are just aloe, proprietary herbs, no oils of any kind unless you purchase a hemp oil blend. We are nut free the only product we ask you ensure is shea butter products.We use ingredients from ethical sources to ensure freshness and quality. We use a variety of avocodo oils,vegetable glycerin, olive oils, castor oil, coconut oils all depending on the colors needed and textures for our bars. If you have specific needs we ask you ask for a custom loaf to remove certain oils. Our products are made by hand, with care and attention and usually 3 to 4 extra herbs and ingredients with our specialty being those sensitive to harsh chemicals but not fruits and vegetables. - to maximize quality and minimize waste. Due to growth we have received support from local Cosmos Certified, Organic certified soap chemists who provides us with measured, tested vegetable based raw ingredients for some of our extremely popular soaps. You can not make soaps without lye however no lye remains in the finished product. Most items contain aloe, only a few contain shea butter and will say so , natural oils, natural occurring minerals, reactions, color changes. We are not physicians, and every skin or allergy is not the same, you may request a personalized product from us. We advice you to consult a physician if you are unsure. If you have a rare allergy where you are allergic to fruits,vegetable based oils, aloe, sheas, cocoa butters, we advise you not to purchase any products. We are not to be held liable for you purchasing and not taking the recommendations of your physician. We are not claiming healing for all. These products work with our family who have severe allergies, eczema, and dermatitis.

What Are Your Growth Products Used For?

Our growth oil is our oldest product. It is not a cure all but has worked in majority of our clients who lost hair due childbirth, pregnancy, and traction hair loss due to glue.

How is Shipping Handled?

All shipping orders are immediately processed, set, checked and verified, and shipped as soon as possible. Items are handmade however we estimate on average a range of 4-5 days depending on the size of the order. Some items have cure time. You receive updates in your login. We work as hard and as thorough as possible to ensure a quality product. SUPER SALE DAYS, Holidays-Shipping ranges from 12-15 Days due to large amounts of orders. All Wholesale orders are large orders and go through a confirmation and verification process so it takes 3-5 business days after your consult and selections to receive your store items unless it is a Super Sale and shipping could range 12-15 days.
We are not responsible for orders lost in the mail, incorrectly supplied addresses, or unclaimed/refused packages. You may track your package using the supplied tracking number in your shipment confirmation email.

Shipping is automatically calculated prior to submitting your payment information. Simply add items to your cart and proceed to the Checkout page where you will be offered Shipping Method choices and their prices. USPS has had shipping delays so we offer a UPS option.

When your order has shipped, we will send you a confirmation email that includes your tracking number so that you can follow the progress of your shipment. For international orders, Standard Airmail includes a customs form label number that can be used to locate your package, but is not an actual tracking number.

*No price adjustments on previous purchases. We greatly appreciate your business beautiful, thank you!

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How Do I Use The Skincare Products?

Soaps: Wet Bar Thoroughly and Use on body, do not insert. Bath Soaks: Pour bag into full bath of hot water. If a stone bath, save the gems and crystals for later. Growth Spray: Apply only 3 x a week to edges and scalp. All products are shipped with basic instructions, if you still have questions please contact us. Bath Soaks are for bath only and should not be inserted into any parts of the body. None of the main items are for internal consumption. If an item is to be ingested it will say so. Like any product skin test first and do not overuse. We recommend using our product alone, we do not want you to confuse a reaction from another product with ours.

Wholesale FAQ

You must purchase a sample loaf to ensure you are familiar with our products, style, accept delivery at the registered address before we allow large order. All items are handmade, and artistic expression. Whole loaves use a standard loaf pan of 42 ounces and is about 11.3 inches long over 3 inches deep and 3 inches wide. Loaves on average produce 8-10 XL slices, or 12-14 slim soap blocks. If you are new to soaps or cutting buy presliced. We do not refund due to improper cutting, error, or lack of knowledge. Loaves come whole unless sliced with one showcase piece packaged. You may request Vegan only versions which will slightly change the look of some loaves. Cutting: Please invest in a cutting tool. Our slice and package package is standard we cut 7-8 XL slices and include standard packaging you label yourself. We ship priority, Items are heavy. We are fast and efficient for the industry but please base your ship out from our location 4 days after your order is placed. You will be sent tracking information in your portal. Rush fees are $50. Which shorten ship out dates to 2 days. Your item is made to order with our on site curated bases specifically for dry skin and eczema. REMINDER: WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER USPS TIMES ONCE DROPPED TO THEM. WE TAKE A SNAPSHOT OF EACH LOAF ORDER FOR RECORDS. We double wrap, saran, bubble wrap items florals can fall off during unpackaging due to transit, dont be alarmed, place them back on. Please contact us for real damage such as breakage, very rare but mushed loaf. We do not refund if you fail to accept delivery, forget and leave your items in hot and humid mailboxes long term. We get a timestamp and delivery receipt. You must register for a wholesale to see pricing and options of any kind for us to keep accountability, and monitor relationships with our partners. They start at $37.99 and up with a minimum. The more loaves the less your price. With a cap at 5 loaves per shipment. After any refund requests or mail issues on new accounts with lack of evidence, we terminate the relationship. This does not apply to actual mail problems, errors by us. You may email us with more questions at You must register and accept the agreement terms for wholesale, no exceptions. You may not represent The Glam Hunter with any of your sales marketing or social media. We can assist you with images with your logo or writeups for an extra fee. We are here to supply the loaves and have many wholesale partners and it takes time and hard work so we can not just add or perform extra work without a time slot and time paid. Thank You For Your Interest.


We want the best product for your skin. We put our effort into gathering and harvesting the best natural ingredients and keeping them at a competitive price. Also the items are heavy and adds to shipping cost. We utilize shipping provider boxes if it saves you for shipping. Overall we limit expenses on over labeling , and printing and excessive packaging due to the increased cost of these items and pass the savings to you, our items are craft, art and handmade which require great ingredients and tools to be effective.

Candle and Wax Care FAQ

Our Home selection candles come in optional 100% Soy Wax, or Soy Paraffin blend which offers the highest scent throw. Our products are simple hand poured with optional essential oils and fragrance oils for certain holiday collections. We only select the best ingredients with scents and creations formulated and based off of positive moods and experiences. Always burn candles within sight. Remove crystals and florals once the wax melts leaving them floating so they do not knock the wick or float into the wick to burn. Keep candles away from children, candle wax is not for ingestion.

Which Candle Should I Choose?

If you have scent sensitivities, air quality issues Soy is the best selection. You may also select unscented. Soy is better for your health Soy burns cleaner and produces abiut 90% less soot than paraffin, reducing the amount of indoor pollution. If you have no major sensitivities want a stronger scent throw you may elect the soy blend. It has vegetable, paraffin, and soy which in our experience provides a longer and better scent.