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Aloe Vaginal Detox Kit-BV,Cleanse
  • Aloe Vaginal Detox Kit-BV,Cleanse


    Aloe Wash +Pearls and Applicator Only😻Overnight results.-Ends vaginal itching, odor and discharge without any pesky side-effects-

    *Aloe Wash

    *Includes 5 Boric suppositories

    *1 Factory Sealed Reusable Applicator-clean with warm water after use

    What are these for?

    Clears recurrent and chronic bacterial vaginosis, leaving you feeling comfortable, confident, and ready to rule the world

    pH balancing to promote friendly bacteria and foster a healthy, happy vagina

    No antibiotics and uses all-natural, food grade ingredients - if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, why use it down below?

    *Insert 1 nightly, preferable with a pad or liner to collect discharge*

    🌱Our after care Aloe Wash:

    PH Balanced, Our most sensitive Aloe cleanser.

    Freshly extracted Aloe Vera gel from the leaf. We need all the nutrients along with a splash of ACV with our proprietary blend.


    *Great for BV



    Aloe Vera contains antifungal properties that are beneficial in reducing symptomsof common infections.

    *Do not use this as a remedy over seeing your physician for extreme symptoms-this is to maintain vaginal health.

    *Apply a few pumps to your fingers, then apply to the external parts of your vagina. Use this only and warm water. This is the purest cleaner we have with amzaing results over bars for remedy based vaginal cleansing.

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