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Energy Soak Herbal Rose Petal Yoni Cocktail

Energy Soak Herbal Rose Petal Yoni Cocktail

Just Drop In Your Hot Bath🛀🏾 Relax your muscles and mind. ☆Do Not Use If Pregnant or have an active infection.

Sea Salt- inhibits bacterial growth, relieves vaginal itching

Baking Soda- neutralizes pH, fights yeast/odor, natural cleansing agent

Oatmeal- soothes vaginal tissue, relieves itching

Vitamin E- moisturizes and soothes vaginal tissues while combating vaginal dryness

Rose Petals: Gentle and astringent to tissues of the genitals. Rose is a relaxing and uplifting herb.

Motherwort: One of my personal favorite herbs for steams. Tonifies the reproductive system and increases circulation to the pelvis.

Mugwort: Cleansing – physically & spiritually. Can help bring on menses.

Oregano: One of the top herbs for steams. Best herb to bring on menses. Uterine stimulant. Increases low, inadequate menstrual flow. Antiseptic. Helps prevent infections. 

Calendula: Cleansing, induces perspiration of tissues. Very healing for irritated skin or scars. Activates the lymph. Gentle energy.

Rosemary: Increases circulation to the pelvis, clears out old blood & fluids. Antiseptic and very cleansing. Brings concentration and focused energy.

Basil: Can bring on menses. Reduces menstrual cramps. Antibacterial. Blesses the woman receiving the steam. Spiritually cleansing

Aloe- soothes and moisturizes inflamed vaginal tissues, combats vaginal dryness

Papaya Leaves- anti-inflammatory, controls bleeding by increasing platelet production, regulates hormones/menstruation and decreases cramps

Sage- Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, increases fertility, decreases symptoms of menopause, pain reliever

Calendula- anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, soothes and heals vaginal tissue

Lavender- anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, soothes and heals vaginal tissue

Eucalyptus- anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, pain reliever

Spearmint – anti-fungal, balances hormones, relieves cramps

Chamomile- anti-inflammatory, reduces menstrual cramps, cleanses and heals vaginal tissues

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