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Irridescent Abolone Shell
  • Irridescent Abolone Shell

    Natural Premium Abalone Shells sourced off the coast of North America. 
    Irridescent Abalone
    Large size can be used easily as a ash or jewelry dish or trinkets.
    Also ideal for smudge smoke cleansing rituals, loose incense, or altar offering plate.
    Abalone shells are a great accessory to incorporate into your smudging ritual. The natural shape of the shell makes them easy to hold and carry and the shells can take the heat of the burning sage. In order to keep the natural patina of the shell intact, you can add a shallow layer of sand at the bottom, prior to resting your smudge wand or charcoal disc in it.
    Each Abalone shell is a natural shell from the ocean and not manufactured. Each shell is unique. You can expect some minor color and size variances. Each shell features a polished interior and the outside has a natural finish. Chips, blemishes, holes, etc are natural and normal and should not vary greatly from the pictured shells
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