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Chakra Manifestation & Intention Candles 4oz

Chakra Manifestation & Intention Candles 4oz

The color Blue in candles can mean communication, creativity, and is amazing for mental health. 
●Each candle is handmade with a combination of  gold, crystals, stones, dried flowers, Natural & Essential oils,  & herbs. 
●The chosen blend is meant to help clear negative energies & create a happy, loving environment. Remove stones and large buds to avoid fire and place them in your bath.
●Each candle is cleansed before I ship out to you, and is made with Love, Light & positive energy. Feel the good vibes surround you!
◇The Ritual- Set your intention into the candle. Write it down & place it under the candle. Light and manifest! 
◇Feel yourself surrender all negative feelings and let them be diminished.Our candle sizes are for intimate spaces. Keep wick centered and trimmed. Trim wick if you experience soot issues. 
◇Move candle away from vents and air drafts. Burn candle no longer than 3 hours. Burn times average 25 hours of burn time for 4oz
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