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The Remedy Butters Activated Charcoal  Bar
  • The Remedy Butters Activated Charcoal Bar

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    Full of detox power, Charcoal, Covoa Butters, Herbs, Oils....Our Large Handmade bars are each unique. Unisex Made for a bare face or beard our specially formulated bar mixed with powerful black charcoal to remove impurities,improve acne and goats milk to help sensitive aggravated skin. The herbs and certified fair trade ingredients will have you proud of the switch from drying chemical soaps.Bars are unique, block sizes are adjusted for thickness and ease of use. All are full of amazing luxurious benefits. Turmeric,Goats Milk,Charcoal, Vegetable Glycerin, Grapeseed,Aloe,Shea Butter

    Bars vary between 6-8 oz

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