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Intention Energy Crystal Vials

Intention Energy Crystal Vials

Our Crystal Chip Energy Vials  are an excellent are  to have your crystals wherever you go,  that doesn't take a big amount of space. They are also more budget-friendly than purchasing a large specimen. We offer an artistic twist to our positive energy vials our mixed vials include a major variety like 
Black Tourmaline: Protective stone that is also excellent for grounding.
Bloodstone: A type of green Jasper with red specks. Good for courage and purification. Also good for menstrual cycles and fertility.
Carnelian: Protection from misfortune. Tends to be energizing and activates the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras.Iolite: Can help guide someone home, or give clarity and direction.
Lapis Lazuli Chips: A crystal for the throat chakra. It assists with communication and is a beautiful blue with gold speckles.
Amethyst Crystal: Is a calming and relaxing crystal. Many people have found that it assists with sleep and addiction support.
Moonstone: Good for all things to do with the moon. Also helps with inner work, shadow work, and self-improvement 
Clear Quartz Crystal: Clearing and charging crystal that has the ability to take the place of any other crystal when properly charged. Clear quartz crystal can also be used as a battery of sorts in crystal grids. They will also magnify the intention of the grid.And moreThe crystals in these bottles vary  tumbled stones and fairly smooth to the touch.
No medical claims are made for the crystals in my shop and the information given is not intended to act as a substitute for medical treatment. Healing crystals are not a substitute for the help of a qualified professional. Always seek assistance
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