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The Glam Hunter Irridescent Diamond Lippie
  • The Glam Hunter Irridescent Diamond Lippie

    A new favorite. Irridescent tone available only. 💋(Faux diamond applicator) A Natural Lasting Finish to  your lush lip look. A natural grab and go, a cover up, or a finishing touch to your amazing lip routine.  A must have, in beautiful reusable containers....A dab will do.  5 ml O.17 ounce- 
    Earth Tone Blend (Brown)includes Shea Butter, Mica, Cocoa,grapeseed oil, vitamin E.
    Irridescent is most popular to even tone and look of lip. It still has a sheer golden glow. It is not a full cover dark brown. 
    🌹Rose Bud are actual rose particles and can attach to wand. For no particles choose rose oil.
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