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💗Valentine Luxe Colorway Icy Loaf

💗Valentine Luxe Colorway Icy Loaf

10 Bars Packaged💦This soothing bar helps in relief to soothe muscle spasm, and cramps.
🌿An Aloe vera based beauty bar with ,marjoram  soothing butters, lavender, tea tree oil, and more to balance pH, soothe, tone, and cleanse.
All of these gentle ingredients work together as an antiseptic to rid of any yeast overgrowth & bad bacteria to prevent and help cure bacteria and yeast infections. Bars are unique each will vary, enjoy the artistic bars💗.Other AMAZING uses:Hyper pigmentation ,Acne,Clear & prevent breakouts.
Clears blemishes on the skin from scars & ingrown hair Bars are unique, block sizes are adjusted for thickness and ease of use. All are full of amazing luxurious benefits.
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