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Assorted Color Mini Wax Melt Dots

Assorted Color Mini Wax Melt Dots

Try our assorted wax melt minis. 12 melts assorted. Our products are simple hand poured with  fragrance oils and essential oils selected based on positive events and moods. We only selected the best to represent the season. These are packaged loose if you want breakaway check out our clamshell tabs.

Spicy Pumpkin Caramel  Crunch
The smell of warmth, caramel,with hints of spices, nutmeg and pumpkin. A Fall favorite.

Home for the Holidays
Family and friends gather for holiday cheer and the house is filled with festive fragrance. Top notes of crisp apple, berries, fragrant pear and sparkling lemon. Warm spices form the mid notes, with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and bay leaf. Luscious peach reaches into the delicious nutty base notes of coconut, vanilla, powder and balsam.

Daddies Home Teakwood-
Sexy, masculine, bold, and complex, leading with spicy top notes of ginger, peppercorn, and spice. ... This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including Cedarwood, Patchouli, Black pepper, and Pimento berry

Fall Carnival-
Rolls in the sweetness in the air when you step out for the fall. Vanilla and Tobacco is an extremely popular scent combination with  notes of orange, eucalyptus, cherry blossom and anise, middle notes of jasmine, pine, rose, cinnamon, clove and heliotrope, with a  sugary vanilla, amber and tonka bean base note.

Our candle sizes are for intimate spaces. Keep wick centered and trimmed. Trim wick if you experience soot issues. Move candle away from vents and air drafts. Burn candle no longer than 3-4 hours. Burn times average 50 hours of burn time for 8 oz.
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