Soap Secrets  Course

Starting a business is a major step, and we are excited to become a manufacturing partner for you or just assisting in you journey to start a soap business.  Below is an outline on what we aim to achieve and go over in your 30 Day Soap Challenge. Making a decent living in crafting in soap is very possible but you must have dedication. You can allow us to walk you step by step or you can jump right in, but we have made the mistakes you can learn from so remember we are here to help you succeed. Select a tailored one on one option. It is more hands on just us just sending you product and you trying to figure it out. 

Our customers profits range from $1500-$3500 extra a month. 

This is based on customers who have completed the task list and invested in consistent inventory with profits. 

*Maximum Profits are customers who have purchased kits and begin manufacturing at home with our recipe guides to yield more product.

*High earning seasons are Holidays and Vendor events. 

Whats Included...

1. Outlining Your Brand 

2.Setting Up Your Business Professionally and Legally

3.Major Mistakes To Avoid

3.Target Audience /Target Location

4.Start Up Budget And Professional Payment Management Programs(NO CASHAPP)

5.Top Website for Business, Payment, and Management


7. Product Photo Tips

8.Top Ways to Launch and more...

AND... of course you receive physical  startup inventory, or recipes for self manufacturing.

Im still interested....


If you don't need dedicated hands on support and want fast easy wholesale options visit here