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What Customers Say

"My skin cleared up so fast with the turmeric bar" 
Natalie-New York

""Our  products were inspired by our love for family and the arts. We live with sensitive skin which makes our handmade process very personal.


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ALLOW A MINIMUM OF 5 Business Days Standard and 12-15 Business Days for Wholesale Delivery*

*Have a Deadline? ADD RUSH FEE*

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All items are handmade, and artistic expression, they are close but not exact replicas of each other. . Whole loaves use a standard loaf pan of 42 ounces and is about 11.3 inches long over 3 inches deep and 3 inches wide. Loaves on average produce 10 slices. 

You may request Vegan only versions which will slightly change the look of some loaves. 


Cutting: We package and Slice 10 Bars from a loaf. Smaller end use as sample or showcase bar. 


We ship priority, Items are heavy. We are fast and efficient for the industry but please base your ship out from our location 4 days after your order is placed. You will be sent tracking information in your portal. Rush fees are $50. Which shorten ship out dates to 2 days. Your item is made to order with our on site curated bases specifically for dry skin and eczema. 



WE TAKE A SNAPSHOT OF EACH LOAF ORDER FOR RECORDS. We double wrap, saran, bubble wrap items florals can fall off during unpackaging due to transit, dont be alarmed, place them back on. Please contact us for real damage such as breakage, very rare but mushed loaf. We do not refund if you fail to accept delivery, forget and leave your items in hot and humid mailboxes long term. We get a timestamp and delivery receipt. 

If you order without signing our wholesale contract you are accepting the terms by checking out.

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